Elizabeth & Tim: Love & Poetry

I photographed Elizabeth & Tim in the Distillery District, which ended up working out perfectly with their style – and Elizabeth’s beautiful rusty red curls (AMAZING!). We incorporated the heart cookies since Elizabeth loves to bake (and Tim loves to eat her baked goods haha!) and a wooden box that Tim made because he loves wood crafting. We also incorporated the most important item of all, a 1931 Walt Whitman poetry book which Tim gave to Elizabeth with a note inside that asked her to marry him!! When I was shooting their engagement session I noticed that every time Elizabeth would look at Tim, her eyes would sparkle, which is so adorable and shows their deep connection for each other. Now with all those things in mind doesn’t that make them the cutest couple ever?!? Can’t wait for your big day! – Meghan

Photography by Meghan Andrews | Renaissance Studios Photography

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  1. I love this area and the gorgeous texture on the ’22’ wall. Her hair is amazing. Beautiful shots!

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