Kelly & Mitchell’s Picnic at Adamson Estates

What better to do on a beautiful Sunday Morning then a walk at the park?! I went out with Kelly & Mitchell to Adamson Estates for a relaxing Sunday Morning walk by the lake. When I think Adamson Estates, I think limos all lined up and four bridal parties raiding the grounds, searching for the best photos. That’s because I am usually there on a Saturday afternoon! Sunday morning was totally different.. calm, relaxing and quiet. The occasional sibling bike races broke the peace but offered energy and smiles to the beautiful environment. We finished off the session with a little picnic, which I am sure they both enjoyed as a getaway from their busy office lives. Kelly and Mitchell were such a fun and loving couple – I can see so much connection and joy in their eyes when they see each other. I can’t wait to capture your special day, guys! Thanks for making my job easy! – Kelvin

Photography by Kelvin Young

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  1. stacy says:

    very romantic, nicley taken

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