Meet Us

Clint Russell

[h4]Clint Russell, Owner & Lead Photographer, Visionary, Nice Guy, Newfie[/h4]

Clint RussellClint’s just one of those guys you meet and think “Wow, what a cool guy.” His love of photography, beautiful things, and those little things that just crack you up to the point of laughing so hard you cry – comes through in everything he thinks and does. Clint has had a camera in his hands as long as he’s known he’s had thumbs. Plus, he’s a Newfie (and everyone loves a Newfie).

Above all things, Clint loves being an artist, and you’ll hear him say he’s 51% artist and 49% photographer – and he means it. Technically speaking he’s one of the best, but artistically he has this way of seeing things that is rare and genuine, and truly about the art of it all. Whether it’s your wedding day, your engagement story, or any other special moment, Clint’s unique approach of storytelling comes through. And it’s on that foundation that he’s built Renaissance Studios into what it is today, a beautiful little rarity in the industry, where we still value the beauty of a photo, and a moment, and all the wonderful little things that make a moment memorable.

In between finding the best editing music available on iTunes, pulling random objects out of his puppy Stewie’s mouth, and being the ‘good vibe’ to everyone he knows, Clint is usually found in his Milton studio, telling stories of his Newfoundland childhood, and thinking about what to do next. He’s one of those good guys you meet and wonder where all those Newfie jokes came from, because he’s so on the ball with more passion and integrity than you find in most peoples’ little finger.

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[h4]Shawn Van Daele, Owner & Lead Photographer, Designer, Web Guru, Social Media Dude, etc.[/h4]

Shawn Van DaeleWhen not being bossed around by his Boston Terriers (he has 3, plus a softy old 14 year old Pit Bull), Shawn can be found wearing many hats – literally and figuratively. Even though he’s the marketing guy, he’s also a passionate photographer, designer, social media dude, and hat collector.

Think of Shawn as the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of OZ. We hear that all the time. Shawn’s love for editorial photography and whimsical things sets him far apart from the rest. Constantly thinking, updating the website, blog and facebook – always on the ball and never without a smile and a solution…Shawn has helped create Renaissance Studios from the ground up.

Shawn won the ever prestigious grade 9 typing award in grade 9, and from that day on the universe had big plans for him (ha). We are not sure where Shawn gets all his ideas or passion – however you’ll have us putting money on a Quad Venti non-fat latte from Starbucks. Shawn works weddings all over Ontario, plus pretty much anywhere else you may need him (he’s especially fond of Holland, by the way).

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[h4]Josh Cornell, Lead Photographer, Walking Caffeine, Ball of Fashiony Fun[/h4]

Josh CornellJosh Cornell has been working as a fashion photographer for the past 15 years.

He has worked with premier clients such as Flare Magazine, Fashion Magazine, Glow Magazine, Dove and many, many more. He has also had the privilege of working for Weddingbells Magazine shooting fashion stories and real weddings.

His high energy can bring amazing dynamics to any wedding, engagement or fashion shoot. But don’t worry about his high energy – mothers, grandmothers, groomsmen and flower girls equally adore him…as will you. His energy is contagious, and we guarantee it’ll be one of your favourite memories from your big day (seriously, people tell us this).

Josh has a way of making even the most camera shy person turn into a camera loving diva. It’s magical to watch, really.

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