A Vintage Fairytale Engagement

Nancy and Mikes Vintage Fairytale engagement - Toronto Renaissance Studios Photography

With all of our esessions, we try to get as much info as possible about our couples to see what style and look they would like to achieve with their photos and photoshoot.

Well, this engagement was one of my favorites! Nancy and Mike told me they didn’t really care and would do anything as long as it was fun and had a vintage fairytale feel to it. When the time came to shoot their session, I knew this one would be different from all the rest.
The story concept behind their shoot was simple – lovers in the 1930’s, that would only materialize in their dreams at night to spend time with one another. Thank you Nancy and Mike for making this shoot seemless… your comfort level with being photographed is awesome and really shows in the final product. This style of shoot is right up my alley!

Enjoy! :) Clint

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