Alex and Boris – “Vintage Road Trip”

We seriously freak out when we see these images.

Its unbelievable to think these are engagement photos…. I knew this session would be a good one but when I drove up and saw Alex and Boris all dressed up vintage style with this car… I got those magical goosebumps that seem to happen when I know something cool is about to happen lol. First of all – thank you guys for being so into doing a themed shoot, and in turn its now more like a series that you’ll have forever. So unique and each photo tells a story… I can’t ask anything more as a photographer. Thanks for inspiring me. Enjoy these and we will see you at your wedding!

Clint :)

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  1. Alex says:

    Oh Clint, you seriously rock!!! we loved every second of it and had so much fun on that day! you also inspired us!!! And the results are beyond anything we could ever imagine! We can’t wait for the wedding :)))

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