Amanda and Mark’s Engagement


Did I happen to mention I love doing e-sessions? Ok this double confirms it!

These shots were taken tonight in the Distillery of Toronto from 6 to 8 pm… I rushed back to see what I got on camera (and yep once again supermodels!) I wanted to capture more of a vintage retro look to this session, it just suited the distillery and A&M so well. The Retro look will never go out of style, and hence these photos should prove that Modern and Retro work so well together. Amanda and I have been talking back and forth on what “type” of shoot worked best for them. The brainstorming part of photo shoots are by far my favorite part of photography. One simple idea blooms into a million frames each similar yet so different – Enjoy these!

Thanks A&M – see you in October for your wedding… All the best :)

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