Antiqued Love at High Park

I met Katie and Hsien a while back, and really, there’s nothing to say about them other than they are the most genuine, sincere, wonderful people I’ve met along my photographic career.

We knew we wanted a few things with this session – Vintage, Cherry trees, and something that tied it all together – what else than paper airplanes and tin can telephones!! :) That is their relationship in a nutshell really… and I love when couples can bring me their story in pictures, really give me something to photograph that symbolizes who they are. Katie and Hsien did just that… we had a blast (even though the park had about 1000 people in it, you would never know from this session).

Thank you guys for allowing me to photograph your relationship (the vintage way) and I can’t wait to document your wedding day. Cheers!!

Clint :)

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2 Responses

  1. These are a lot of fun and really sweet. Such a great connection you’ve captured between the two of them :)

  2. Helena Yau says:

    Dear Kate and Hsien,
    Congratulation! We are so happy for you two! Wish you two a sweet sweet and warm warm life together in God’s love!Forever joy and peace with good health!May God be with you two forever!
    Helena and Guma and Gu Cheung

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