Gina, Matt and Wonky Panda

Retro Love! :)

Ok…. Gina and Matt, one big ball of fun these guys are!

I met up with them in Toronto amongst the early morning bustle and started the shoot at Union Station. Matt is from the UK, and Gina is a Toronto girl, so starting their shoot at a place of travel seemed appropriate. From there, we ventured out into the city and grabbed coffees and just continuously shot frames every 20 steps we went LOL I wanted to portray more of a story with this shoot (as all my e-sessions) and added in a few shots of lollipops and the infamous “Wonky Panda” who has been with Gina and Matt since the beginning of their story – how could I leave him out? He is after all the Ring Panda Bearer for their wedding!!! (see I told you they were fun!) I think this session is the start of my “retro phase” – something about timeless love and vintage that is even more unique than color or black and white.



543772019_img_0844This is Matt's favorite so far :)








Ok here's a fun note about this shot above, I had to have this frame, I loved the concept and the ceiling, all the banners in this frame were advertising Kleenex with massive boxes of tissues everywhere, I removed them all especially the white banner behind their heads that SCREAMED Kleenex LOL




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  1. Gina, Matt, Clint – I have to say this is by far, hands down, one of my favourite e-sessions ever! Though I wasn’t there…I wish I was seeing these pics! CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU BOTH!

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