Katie & Nick’s Love on a Merry Go Round

Katie and Nick are SO MUCH FUN! We head down to Christie Pits in Toronto for a sunset shoot – and a few spins on the merry go round and a couple trips down the slide. Thankfully no one got sick, tumbling down the hill and tossing grass in the air – these two were like a couple of 16 year olds on a date – too cute. Here’s hoping all the grass stains come out without too much trouble. Thanks so much guys – I’d shoot til the sun goes down with both of you any day! Can’t wait for the wedding! – Josh

Photography by Josh Cornell | Renaissance Studios Photography | Toronto

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  1. Annette W says:

    My golly, I am not a shoe person but her shoes rock! You have an amazing talent at taking everyday places and making them spectacular! Love the simplicity of the playground and the ballfield!! Wonderful!!

  2. stacy says:

    These are great images, you can see the chemistry flowing

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