Sonya & Peter: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Such a sweet couple out on one of the coldest days of the year! Sonya and Peter’s wedding is THIS Saturday – and I can’t wait for the big day (especially shooting in their awesome little apartment, which will look like we’re in the middle of France! Just wait and see…) But, back to their e-session – it was SO COLD – and you can’t even tell! They were super troopers – and since even my hands went numb shooting in those temps, I can’t even imagine how cold these two must have been! Everyone enjoys doing engagement sessions for different reasons – and Sonya and Peter mainly wanted a chance to work with me before the big day (awesome!) and basically to gain some experience in front of the camera (also awesome!) Considering how well you both rocked it, I don’t think either of you have anything to worry about this Saturday. See you soon! – Josh

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