2010 Engagement Sessions: Some of our Favourite Moments

Love is in the air…maybe it’s the Christmas season…maybe it’s all these photos of awesome people in love!

It all starts here with an Engagement Session (or what we call an E-Session)…and we absolutely LOVE them…especially when creative couples come to us with ideas to style their session, or to make it vintage, or to just “go there” with their pics. We say it’s Renaissance Studios Photography: Made With Love. And it’s made with love, because of the people in them who care just as much about their photos as we do (and that’s a lot!). Thanks to everyone who was a part of these awesome little love stories…we can’t WAIT to see what next year will bring! ENJOY!

*** Make sure to let the music load before you start scrolling! Enjoy…and Happy Holidays! **

Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland

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  1. Tina Derry says:

    Awesome pics….I especially love how you made downtown Toronto seem like New York in my daughters pic! (Angela and Dwayne) Im excited to see what the wedding pics will be like! You and your team are artists not just photographers!

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