A Journey to the End of the World

My home

My home

Well time has come for a little vacation it seems. Shawn and I will be traveling to my old stomping ground – Newfoundland, a place where celtic traditions and century old superstitions still live stong in people’s hearts.

We are heading out end of August and with that, I have 3 goals with this trip. My first goal is to see my home through the eyes of a tourist.. this way I can show you the magic of this little rock tucked away under Canada’s right shoulder.
Second is to bring Shawn back to my roots and show him where it all began for me ( and explain why I’m nuts sometimes and eat foods like salt beef). My third and last goal is to relax and soak up the true nature and spirit of the land, I guess you could say “recharge” and bring back a part of me I truly lose from time to time. I’ll always be a Newfie, but if you live in Ontario for too long, you could possibly turn into a workaholic with a cell phone in one hand and a bad case of road rage in the other.

This trip is long over due. They say every 7 years you become a new person. Then if that has any truth to it, this trip has come at the perfect time.

I look forward to catching the mystery and calmess of this province through my camera lens. I also look forward to catching a few million beers… hope I have a big fishing line and a large boat :)

Stay tuned for our journey to the end of the world so it seems – a place I call home, a place you may want to discover one day for yourself. Newfoundland.


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  1. Clint, it is great to hear that you and Shawn will be heading to the rock for a while. What part of the province are you from anyway, I know I once knew, but my memory isn’t THAT good! Well, it would be so nice to see you for a drink if you guys are around St. John’s. Take Care, Donna

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