Amber & Elijah Get Colourful on Richmond Row

Hello colour! I had SUCH an amazing time with Amber and Elijah this winter in London on Richmond Row – I can’t wait for their wedding! They’re so relaxed and easy to work with – this whole shoot (though very cold!) was such a great experience. Originally, we had planned on shooting at the Mustang Drive-In … but rather than truck around in snow up to our waists (which could be fun!) we opted to head down town and tour the colourful walls and wintery landscape on Richmond Street and Victoria Park – I’m so glad we did! Sometimes little bumps in the road turn into the best situations. Amber’s Owl Hat makes me so happy – I can’t wait to see what their big day is like this October (and we’re pretty much guaranteed that it will be much warmer!) Thanks to both of you for being awesome! – Shawn

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