Cynthia & John’s Colours of Kensington

Holy Colours, Batman! Love this session so much, it’s refreshing to “go to the dark side” – away from our washy vintage finishes and do something bold and vibrant – and on top of it all, it looks just as colourful as Cynthia & John’s personalities. They’re sort of like sunshine – or giggles with legs – with the sort of relationship where they don’t even need to talk to each other – but just look at one another and they start laughing and giggling…so cute. We started out at Grange Park behind OCAD (my old school!) – on the very park bench “where it all started” and they became a couple – then strolled through the rainbow of buildings that make up Kensington Market in Toronto – literally eye candy for the camera. Travelling back we passed the AGO and the most awesome “KISS” sign I’ve ever seen (that you’ll see below) – so fun. Thanks guys – can’t wait for the big day in 12 sleeps! – Shawn

Photography by Shawn Van Daele

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  1. Carly says:

    Also beautiful! You are very talented!!

  2. Thanks so much Carly!!

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