Allyson & Ryan’s Wedding | University of Western Ontario, London

Wedding Date: Jun 06, 2011

Reception Venue: Western University

Photo Location: Western University Campus, London

Main city or town: London, Ontario

Memories of the day…: “Our wedding day was a blast! We had such an awesome time with Shawn and Aaron. They made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera (and were two people who are pretty camera shy). When we got our final pictures we were so happy with how they turned out. Shawn and Aaron were able to capture our day better than we had ever imagined. Thank you so much!”

Recommended Vendor: Western University (The Great Hall) – “It was so great working with the people at Western University, they were so helpful with all the planning and little details that made our day so perfect. We worked a lot with the wedding coordinator of The Great Hall Catrona, she was wonderful to work with. We appreciated her hard work and help so much!”

Recommended Vendor: Peterborough Garden and Gift Gallery – “We were fortunate enough to have Ryan’s parents who are the owners of Peterborough Garden and Gift Gallery do all of our flowers for our big day. Our bouquets were gorgeous! I was so happy when I saw them, they were exactly what I had pictured. And the way they decorated the hall was perfect! Thank you Bill and Cathy for all your hard work :)”

Photography by Shawn Van Daele & Aaron Yukich | Renaissance Studios Photography | Toronto & London Ontario Wedding Photography

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  1. Kristin McLaughlan says:

    Thinking about having a wedding at UWO as well. Could you pass my contact information to the bride to ask her some questions about organizing? I also love your photography… please send me pricing!

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