Coming Soon…but in the Meantime!

Annie & Ken's Wedding

It’s definitely that time of year over here – we’re buzzing with weddings and engagements, blushing brides and a whole whack of other fun stuff! That said…sometimes things like this snazzy blog fall to the wayside while we’re editing and out shooting. We just wanted to drop a quick line to say there’s a TON (and, we mean a TON) of fun and different posts coming soon – so stay tuned! BUT – in the MEANTIME – take a trip over to our FACEBOOK PAGE – where we’re constantly updating it with teaser galleries just days after the shoot! Plenty to look at, comment on, and tons of ideas for brides and grooms still planning their big day.

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  1. Big Fan says:

    Thanks for the upadate but the only problem is I can’t access facebook from work (teeheehee). I love love love love your work.
    Can’t wait to see more photos

  2. Nice snap!! Waiting for another.

  3. Haha! Sorry…coming soon! :)

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