Devyn & Sundeep’s East Meets West 3-Day Wedding Celebration

WOW! For all of you that have planned a wedding – you can appreciate this: imagine planning a 3 DAY wedding, with guests flying in from all around the world, as far as Australia, India, England – you name it! Well, Sundeep and Devyn (love them!) did this for their East-Meets-West celebration last September, with events ranging from the Sangeet on the Thursday evening (quite the party!), to their gorgeous Anglican ceremony on Day 2 in downtown Toronto and cocktail reception just a few blocks away at the King Edward Hotel (how awesome is being “piped” down the streets of the city with a parade of guests (there was just under a bazillion people at the wedding, so it seemed guests were still spilling out of the church as we entered the King Eddy a few blocks away…yes, the parade was that long!). Day 3 brought the Sikh celebrations, and the dazzling colours and traditions that leave a photographer speechless (which is fine, because we speak better in photos than words!). One word to describe the celebrations that day: PARTY! If you’ve never been to a Sikh reception – prepare yourself. First, bring a belt with extra notches (ie: the food is endless and beyond delicious) and bring your dancing shoes – the party started the moment Devyn & Sundeep entered the Bombay Palace and was still gaining momentum at midnight! They had one of the best wedding party entrances I’ve ever seen, breaking into dance to pounding Bhangra music once they hit the dancefloor, dragging the rest of their wedding party out with them (and eventually, most of the dinner guests, too!) I can’t thank you both enough for letting us be part of this epic chain of events and document all the little moments that made it colourful, special, and absolutely awesome, just like the both of you. Cheers & Congratulations – Shawn & Taha

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