Jamie & Carmelo Rule The Galaxy

Okay, so I had to. Jamie and Carmelo were just married yesterday, and Carmelo’s classic Ford Galaxy came along for the ride! This wedding pretty much left us speechless, from how amazing and fun everyone was to be around (starting with me walking in to meet Carmelo singing the Muppet Show Theme Song…then on to Christmas Carols…let’s just say he was in a great mood from the moment he woke up – and who can blame him?) to the awesome locations we stopped at along our route from the ceremony in Campbellville to the reception in Vaughan. It was just a great day all around – the speeches were fantastic and hilarious, the decorations were thoughtful and simple, and the wedding party and their family were so laid back and easy going it didn’t feel like we were working at all. What a great day :) When Jamie contacted us back in May, our studio was still in Orangeville – and so were we! Clint met with them and I clearly remember him saying how great these two were and that he knew already their wedding was going to be a blast. Well, it turns out after we’ve moved to Milton – that we moved about 30 seconds away from Jamie & Carmelo. And with that said, we’d love to wish our newest neighbours all the happiness they can handle (starting with their 6-week honeymoon in Africa that they’re en route to right now – jealous!). Thank you and congratulations guys, we can’t wait to catch up with you when you make it back home in December!

And no, the photo above of the cake topper and the couple was NOT posed. Clint snapped this shot at the end of the night – and we couldn’t help noticing a really great resemblance to some of their decor. Like Jamie and Carmelo, some things (like these two photos) are just meant to be together.

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  1. Christine's says:

    LOVE YOUR WORK !!!!! :) Keep it up :)

  2. Gina says:

    Wow, I couldn’t pick a favourite, so unique. What a great couple these photos show!

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