Jamie & Carmelo STILL Rule The Galaxy

Jamie & Carmelo's October Wedding by Renaissance Studios Photography

This will forever be one of my favourite weddings. Jamie and Carmelo, other than being an absolute match made in heaven, are also absolute superstars. We shared some teasers from their wedding in the fall, and we wanted to give you a bit more since their wedding just left me speechless (not to mention the many requests we’ve had from other couples wanting to see more shots from this particular wedding!) I have to give kudos to both Jamie and Carmelo for TOTALLY ROCKING IT in these photos; and for being such wonderful people that I’m thrilled to be able to call good friends (I love it when that happens). I can’t say much more about this wedding since the photos speak for themselves…it was a perfect day. (PS: For those of you curious about the title of this post – the Galaxy is Carmelo’s sweet blue classic Ford Galaxy that he broke out for their big day)

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4 Responses

  1. Emma says:

    Clint and Shawn you ROCK! The teaser photos were amazing and definitely kept me wondering when we would get to see some more photos. These were worth waiting for and I will probably look at them at least once a day for a while! The photos are incredible, it was such an amazing day! :) And I also love the song chosen for this page! Amazing job!! :)

  2. M.O.B says:

    I know I am a “little” biased about the subject of the photographs, but it was the best day ever and Clint and Shawn, you two were the perfect pair to capture it for us!! We could not have hoped for two more fun, accomplished, professional and totally unobtrusive photographers! Emma’s right, you guy’s ROCK!! And thanks for fulfilling my life long dream!! 😉 To all you about to be brides, I say get them while you can!!!!…

  3. Ahhh thank you BOTH so much!! 😀 It was OUR pleasure working with such an amazing group of people that day!

  4. Jamie says:

    That first shot takes my breath away – every time I see it…

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