Michelle & Rob’s Bahamian Rhapsody Destination Wedding

Oh my. I don’t even have the slightest idea where to start to explain how wonderful Michelle and Rob, and ALL their family and friends truly are. I was speechless and overflowing with emotion during this amazing destination wedding…they’re just magical, wonderful people. I really wish there were more people like them in this world…but I’m happy we were able to share this time with them away – and they really did change how I see everything from wedding photography, to love, and family. I could ramble on for days about how sweet Michelle is (and her cupcake obsession just adds to the sweetness) or how cool and easy going Rob is…and how in love with Michelle he is – or how her best friends just add to how awesome they are as individuals and a couple. I’m so happy we made it from “hey I’m your photographer!” to “when we can meet up? I miss you!” — it was truly a gift, and I wish you all the happiness in the world…because if anyone deserves it, you both definitely do.

This trip took us to Nassau Bahamas, and Michelle & Rob’s fantastic destination wedding, that was as “un-destination wedding” as you could get. It was cute and thoughtful, quirky and artful, had the best music and guests you could ask for, and other than the wicked sunburn I brought home with me – I don’t think any of us could have asked for more. From the decadent reception (aka AMAZING FOOD!!!!) at Luciano’s of Chicago (which is actually in the Bahamas LOL) to the ceremony at the gorgeous cathedral downtown…we loved getting off the resort and into the heart of Nassau for their wedding, their photos, and for an amazing afternoon.

Keep us in mind when it’s time to renew your vows…wherever that may be! xo Shawn & Clint.

The Rhythm of Love - Plain White T's

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  1. Penny says:

    Amazing!! You guys made me feel that I attended there special day <3

  2. Candice says:

    I love this! I especially love the church they were married in. So cool!!

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