Sara and Neil: Love Across The Pond

We’ve always had a special spot in our heart for our amazing friend Sara, and when we met her happily-ever-after Neil, that spot in our heart grew so he could fit in perfectly. This fall we’ll be heading over to Scotland for their epic overseas wedding (well, it’s overseas for us – these two are Scotland natives, currently both living in England) – but last October we had the luxury of a visit with Sara and Neil, and an afternoon trip to Windsor Castle, which is absolutely breathtaking in the fall! The grounds were stunning and golden, and we were blessed with more sun in one day than typically breaks through the clouds for the entire month of October (that’s honestly how our entire trip went…it was total magic!)

These two are a match made in heaven – like two perfectly balanced sides of a scale they manage to balance eachother even more. It makes me so happy to see them both so perfectly “right” in eachothers company…and when you see your friend in love like that, there isn’t much more that can make you smile any bigger. Congrats to both of you – you deserve all the happiness in the world, and we know you’ll only find more of it in eachother. We can’t wait to be in your company again this August! – Shawn and Clint

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