Serendipity Starring Matt and Joanne

Joanne and Matt Attridge: Eglinton Grand, Toronto

Matt and Joanne contacted me back in March to tell me about their dream 1940’s, cinema-themed wedding. I could tell the moment I met them how easy-going and relaxed they were and I couldn’t wait for us to take part in their special day.

Picture: Toronto, 1937. The Eglinton Grand is opened in absolute Deco glory, to be later revisted 72 years later with a wedding that honoured passion and love and cinematic wonder. A cotton candy dispenser, popcorn bowls overflowing with pink popcorn, Swing dancers, and Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin playing on the biggest screen you’ve ever seen during a multiple course dinner. The entire day was so brilliantly composed, props go to Joanne and Matt for bringing the idea of love and marriage to a designerly new level.

Here’s just a few pics from the day. Enjoy,
Clint & Shawn

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