Springtime Love : Ashley and Rob’s Wedding

Once you meet Ashley and Rob – you immediately go from just an acquaintance, to OMG you guys are so awesome! After doing their engagement session I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding, and I can’t believe it’s here and gone already! This wedding was so classy and elegant, filled with emotion, lots of laughs, and one of the most beautiful first dances ever! Seeing Rob and Ashley together makes you smile because you know they were meant for each other.

Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to shoot your wedding, Alex and I both agree it was fantastic! – Clint & Alex

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  1. Cendi says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pic of the dress hanging and the bride in the mirror to the right. And your description of them, “…from acquaintance to OMG you’re awesome!…” LOVE THAT!

    Your work is great!

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