The Photoshop Actions Shop

Over the years, we’ve refined our editing and post-production in Photoshop (it happens after you’ve edited hundreds upon hundreds of weddings…or literally millions of photos!) – and we’ve put together some amazing collections of indispensable actions to help you edit your photos, too!

Vintage Photoshop Actions

Renaissance Studios Vintage Photoshop Actions $39

Soft vintage tones, creamy skin tones, muted vintage black and whites, or bright poppy colours – this set packs them all in!
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Workflow Photoshop Actions

Renaissance Studios Workflow Photoshop Actions $39

These actions are the FOUNDATION of how we edit every single image in our studio! This is the emergency kit…the shower, shave and personal stylist for photos. Plus, it includes our trademark finish: Pretty Wash.
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Photoshop Action Tutorials

Photoshop Action Tutorials

Workflow Actions Tutorial
• More Photoshop Tutorials coming soon!

Renaissance Studios Workflow + Vintage Photoshop Actions Bundle $69

Save $9.00 when you purchase both action sets in a bundle! Click here to purchase the bundle!