Renaissance Studios Workflow Photoshop Actions

Workflow Photoshop ActionsIf there was ever a shower, shave and personal stylist for photos…this set of actions is it! Quickly and easily take your images from point-and-shoot quality to finely polished, brightened, balanced and toned pieces of art – painting in light where you need it, adding in shadows where you want, recovering highlights or selectively painting in sharpening and snap layers.

These actions work hand-in-hand with each other to build on one another – removing yellows from skin tones, boosting greens in the landscape, or smoothing skin tones without diluting details. Plus the collection includes our trademark finish: Pretty Wash. These photoshop actions are the FOUNDATION of how we edit every single image in our studio, and once you start using them, they’ll be yours, too.

These actions work seamlessly and beautifully with the Renaissance Studios Vintage actions, and are available as a bundle (save $9) that includes both the Vintage Photoshop Actions, and the Workflow Actions sets.

Renaissance Studios Workflow Photoshop Actions $39

Renaissance Studios Workflow PS Actions
Includes the following actions:

Aloe Vera – Paintable Red Remover
Lemon Sucker – Takes the yellow out!
Blueberry Sucker – Takes the blue out!
Strawberry Sucker – Auto red remover!
Fertilizer – Green Booster
The Drunken Painter – Paintable Tilt Shift
Skin Saver – Ultimate Skin Smoothing
Highlight Saver – Recovers Blown Out Highlights
Spotlight Brighter – Paintable Brightening
Spotlight Darker – Paintable Darkening
Add Warmth – Warms up cool images
Add Ice – Cools down warm images
Sharp-O-Pop – Paintable Sharpen & Pop!
Cheer Up – Overall Brighten
Mid Brightener – Midtone Recovery
Snaptastic – Curve Enhancer
Contrast Brush – Paintable Constrast
Candy Shop – Colour Booster & Snap
Pretty Wash – Our trademark tone!
One Stop Shop – One click recovery and polishing

The actions are delivered immediately by email after checkout with instructions on installation and general use. Enjoy!

Actions designed for Photoshop CS3 or newer
Not compatible with Photoshop Elements

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Product Description:

The Renaissance Studios Photography Workflow Actions include a toolkit of magical (okay, maybe not magical, but we think they are) Photoshop actions to help bring “wow” to your photos in just a few clicks. Not requiring much “tweaking” we’ve polished these actions to help speed up your editing process. Lemon Sucker is genius – one click and the yellows in your skin tones are gone, and the blacks in the image are enriched. Blueberry Sucker and Strawberry Sucker both do the same, just with blues, or reds. Fertilizer is fantastic for boosting landscapes and greens – awesome for bouquets! The Drunken Painter is indispensable for creating depth and blur in your photos – even fake tilt-shift effects. Skin Saver is destined to be one of your favourite actions EVER – it keeps the detail in skin, while brightening and smoothing out the tones. Highlight Saver, with one click, retrieves otherwise impossible to recover highlights – perfect for blown out wedding dresses and skies, boosting the clouds with one click. Spotlight Brighter and Spotlight Darker are paintable sun and shadows – one click and paint in where you need things darker, or highlight areas like eyes or hair with the brighter action. Add Warmth and Add Ice warm up or cool down your photo – often helpful to balance our incorrect white balance. Sharp-O-Pop is a paintable sharpening tool, that brightens while it’s at it – an incredible tool for eyes, hair, and details. Cheer Up is a one-click overall brightening tool – it recovers highlights, shadows, and boosts your midtones, giving an excellent base for other actions. Mid Brightener pulls out lost midtones and balances your image, like flipping on a light switch. Snaptastic is a one-click S Curve action that immediately adds contrast and overall sharpness to your image, enriching the blacks. Contrast Brush is similar to Snaptastic, but is paintable, so you can selectively add some oomph where you need it. Candy Shop is incredible! It’s a saturation booster that adds snap, and just livens up ANY photo. Pretty Wash is our signature action – it’s a perfect finishing tool that just adds a soft, pastel-like wash over the entire image. We couldn’t live without it! One Stop Shop is a multi-action, that runs several of the included photoshop actions in the Workflow Set – one click, and your photo transforms.

Vintage Photoshop Actions + Workflow Actions Bundle:

Purchase both action packs in a bundle and save $9. Bundle includes the Vintage Photoshop Actions pack as well as the Workflow Actions set. $69 (reg. $78). Click here to purchase the bundle!

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