And Our Newest Muse Is…

Amy Milligan is...Renaissance Studios' Newest Muse

Amy Milligan is...Renaissance Studios' Newest Muse

After a ton (and we mean a ton!) of applicants to the Renaissance Studios’ Newest Muse contest…we’ve deliberated, slept on it, thought about it, got second (and third) opinions, and well – after all of that – went with our guts: Amy Noelle Milligan is our Newest Muse! We are ridiculously looking forward to working with Amy, whose great idea caught us right away (but we’re not going to give it away just yet…you’ll have to wait for the big reveal after the photo shoot is done!). Stay tuned for an entertaining trip down memory lane with us and Amy as we doll her up for a day, and pamper her with hair & makeup, wardrobe and two doting photographers to fulfill her “Dream Photoshoot!” on location.

We can’t thank all the passionate applicants who sent in their fantastic, touching, and awesome ideas. Don’t despair – this is definitely not going to be our last contest…check this out: We will be running Renaissance Studios’ Newest Muse again in a few months – since from the great response we received, and limitless ideas, believe this is something that a lot of people would love to be a part of, including ourselves! So, stay tuned for Are You Renaissance Studios’ Newest Muse? Take 2 – coming this summer.

Amy will be receiving an all-day photoshoot with Clint Russell & Shawn Van Daele, as well as hair, makeup, and wardrobe, to make her dream photoshoot come to life. She’ll also receive a bound book of all the photos from the day, and a CD/DVD of all the images to do with as she pleases! Plus, she’ll get some great bragging rights and lots of “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” from her friends and family, when she is featured on our upcoming sister site, theVanity, as our intro slideshow and in her own gallery. Congratulations, Amy!

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