Ashley Trashes The Dress at Scotsdale Farm

Last summer we had the pleasure of working with Ashley and Scott at their awesome wedding…and last FALL, I had the pleasure of helping Ashley trash the dress! We took a trip out to Scotsdale Farm in Halton Hills (epic location!) with some of her friends and a couple gallons of old paint (awesome). Scott ended up showing up later on during the shoot (it isn’t the easiest location to find…just ask Scott LOL!) — so we spent some time trying REALLY HARD to trash the dress — which we discovered was pretty much invincible (it literally repelled dirt and water!) In any case, Ashley was all over in, and in it – up in trees, laying in dirty old bathtubs, and crawling out into the middle of a very, very cold river…it was all worth it! When Scott arrived, we head up the hill with paint in hand…and the rest, well – see for yourself! Thanks Ashley – it was a blast! – Shawn

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