Nate’s Been Shot!

Nathan Posteraro: Model Portfolio 2009

Back in June we did the Salon L’Image VAMP shoot – and Nate was one of our favourite models that day (though EVERYONE rocked it!) When we were editing the photos after the big shoot we kept stopping at his and saying “Wow – this guy has something” – well, genetics help, too…but in the end, Nate has a great presence in front of the camera and is so much fun to work with we brought him back in for some more (much less ‘dead/vampire’ looking) shots for his portfolio. And, once again – he brought it. We know this won’t be the last time we work with Nate and can’t wait to see him develop as a model and a friend. Thanks again Nate – we wish you much success with your career! Remember us when you’re famous!
xo Shawn & Clint

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