And the winners are…

WOW our first ever contest was insane! We had no idea it would be as huge as it ended up being – nearly 15,000 people voted for their favourite couples – and though we wish we could say everyone was a winner, we only have a first and second prize for the couples with the MOST votes. Without dragging things out even more (a month was a very long time to keep everyone waiting while the votes kept rolling in!) here are the winning couples!

FIRST PRIZE: Princess & Nigel | Colours, Cats & Candy | Total Points: 8,157 (WOW!)
AWESOME PRIZE: All-day wedding coverage with 2 photographers
500+ digital, retouched proofs in an online gallery
2 gorgeous coffee table books of their wedding photography
Private online galleries of their wedding and engagement photos for at least one year
DVD of all their high-res/edited/printable images
Engagement Session + DVD of images
Value: $3795+tax

SECOND PRIZE: Valerie & Michael | A Vari Symbolic Pink Wedding | Total Points: 5,581
AWESOME PRIZE: A free SmileBooth (now renamed to PartyBooth!) rental for their big day!
Check out more about our PartyBooth’s online at

SURPRISE THIRD “RUNNER UP” PRIZE: Alishia & Christine: A Modern Day Love Story | Total Points: 4,349
AWESOME PRIZE: $200 Print Credit

We can’t say THANK YOU ENOUGH to everyone who participated, everyone who voted, and to everyone for listening to all of us telling you to go and vote LOL!
Stay tuned for an announcement for a possible second contest later this year!

CONGRATULATIONS PRINCESS & NIGEL – can’t wait to work with you both!!

Here’s their inspiration board:

Princess & Nigel: Colours, Cats & Candy | by Renaissance Studios Photography Wedding Contest Winners

And here’s their entry that gained the MOST POINTS (calculated by number of votes x average vote, out of 10)

Hi there! My name is Princess (yes, that is my real name). My fiance and I met at nerd camp back when we were in our senior year in highschool.

We are getting married in July 2011 in the exciting town of Milton! We just moved to Milton about a year ago and we want our wedding to be meaningful so we want it to be in the place we call home.

Our ceremony will be outdoors in the garden/park area by the town hall. Our cocktails/reception/dancing will be held at a local restaurant in Milton, possibly the Barn at Country Heritage Park! Our pictures will be taken all over the awesome landmarks of Milton…like in/on the streets of downtown Milton, the Milton information booth on across from the Petro Canada on Steeles, the Bronte train tracks, Rattlesnake Point, outside the Milton Animal Hospital…and yes…even inside the local Supercentre!

Nigel and I are going to have a very unique and colourful wedding (if it is not already apparent). I am a very bubbly person and I love colours! I had a hard time narrowing down my colours to just one or two….as a result, my colours will be fuschia, vibrant purple, canary yellow, green apple and turquoise. I know it has the extreme potential to be a hot mess! But I am under the guidance of my practically colour-blind fiance, loyal dog (also the ring bearer) and 3 kitty cat companions (2 feline flower girls & 1 feminine ring bearer). Comforting thought, eh? Nah…I do have 3 bridesmaids and 1 matron of honor who are fairly opinionated and will provide their two cents.
Our theme will be candy. Nigel has Type 1 diabetes…sugar has the capability to save and make him really sick…and so, candy is a good way to describe my effect on him :p Our wedding will be a DIY wedding. We will be doing our own invitations, favors and flowers…so there will be a lot of creativity, time, blood, sweat and sugar involved! Hopefully not all together…that would taste either too salty or metallic?

And so……..this is why I need the artistic talents of Renaissance Studios. I need photographers who do more than just take photos, I want them to capture the fun, emotional and quirky/dorky moments of the day. I want my wedding photos to be art…memorable art that we can cherish for the years to come. Plus, I would also like to win this contest so that I can spend more of the budget on the cute little outfits that my furry animals will be parading about in I know…these are the words of a future crazy cat lady in training.
Thanks for taking the time to consider our story!

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33 Responses

  1. Jenna says:

    What the hell is so unique about this? My husband to be has Type 1 diabetes too. Nice move playing the sympathy card.

  2. Mary says:

    I think Jenna is upset. Very classy Jenna with your comments. I personally don’t see see any contest where you get votes. Who wants everyone begging everyone they know and don’t know to “VOTE FOR ME>>> PLEASE!!!!!!” and sign up on every forum and ask for people to vote.

    Draws should be random. Or a completely 100% non-biased panel or judge selects based on things that emotion does not play into.

    • JayJay says:

      Jenna should keep her negative thoughts to herself. I highly doubt that Princess & Nigel won because of his diabetes… it was one line – and she was talking about her effect on him and the theme of her wedding…. I don’t see how that is begging for votes or playing the sympathy card. Obviously the people voting – want to vote! They must think that the couple is deserving of the prize!

      Congrats to the 3 couples!!

      Princess & Nigel – CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are going to have a wonderful, spectacular record of your day through photos by Renaissance Studios. Milton is a wonderful backdrop for your photos!!!

      Valerie & Michael – what an excellent addition to your day – the PARTYBOOTH!!!! You and your guests will have a blast :)

      Alishia & Christine – I wish you luck on selecting your prints – it is going to be VERY difficult to choose from all of the FANTABULOUS photos that you will have from your special day!

      Everyone who has booked Renaissance Studios for their wedding is a winner…. You will be BLOWN away by what they do for you!! Photography skills, personality – THEY HAVE IT ALL!!!!

    • Jenna says:

      I totally agree, Mary.

    • Hi Mary, we were trying to do something different and fun – thanks to the immature ones for ruining it, especially now, for those that appreciated the contest for what it was – a contest. Not a lottery, or a draw – it’s a substantial reward for the people who wanted to work for it, not have it handed to them on a silver platter.

  3. Jenna says:

    You guys gotta lighten up! These people are laughing – they WON!

    But the format of this contest was pretty unfair. Giving people the opportunity to vote low on everyone else wasn’t the best approach, since obviously the winner was the person with the most contacts who know how to use the internet, and sneaky enough to give everyone else a lower vote. If it had to be voting-based, it should have been a “pick one” basis.

    Plus, the idea of 20+ finalists kind of contradicts the notion of uniqueness.

    • Nigel says:

      In all honesty, you are kidding yourselves if you think that this contest was entirely about uniqueness or who had the best story…

      Nothing ever comes for free. Renaissance Studios Photography is offering this package in exchange for free marketing and word of mouth referrals. Ultimately, the couple that delivers the most unique visitors to the site will offer the most benefit to them as a business. They may be giving away one free package, but in exchange they may potentially be getting future contacts.

      We honestly busted our buts promoting the website and bringing in hundreds of unique visitors, whether they be friends, relatives, strangers, or even businesses. The diabetes thing was mentioned because it is part of the theme and demonstrates the degree of contrast between Princess and I, however it is ignorant to think that we used this as a “sympathy card”. We have never used it as a means to get pity votes. If you ask me, I hate people knowing that I have diabetes because of the negative associations/stereotypes that people have come to believe, i.e. lazy, overweight, etc.

      Regarding voting other couples 1s, we have avoided doing this and we have even went as far as telling the people voting for us not to do it. It is not difficult to determine which couples have used this technique (i.e. every time a couple goes up by 10, other couples mysteriously go up by 1), but we have tried our best to ensure that people voting for us do not follow this methodology. In fact, if you do the math, every single vote helps, whether it is a 1 or a 10, it all adds to your total number of points. Not only are you unfairly bringing down the rating of other couples by voting them a one, but you are actually increasing their total number of points.

    • I am thoroughly disgusted by all of this…what a shame. Jenna; we’re shocked and appalled – and totally uninspired now…great.

  4. Arlene says:

    Wow, Jenna bitter much? I’m assuming that you were trying out for the contest, since you sound like a total sore loser. You obviously don’t have enough friends who support and love you unlike Princess and Nigel. Perhaps, you should work on your attitude first and then try the contest again. Maybe you’ll accumulate enough friends by then, or maybe not. Either way, face the facts.

  5. Ashley says:

    I am sorry to see that only JayJay had anything positive to say about the contest. Jenna, you are unbelievably rude. Mary, this contest was fair, the company has every right to hold whatever contest they see fit to promote their business, and, quite frankly, it was smart marketing.

    Further, that diabetes comment was a one-liner and had nothing to do with garnering sympathy. People need to chill out and stop hating on the winners.

    Congrats to Princess and Nigel, I wish you all the best.

    • Thanks Ashley!! The diabetes comment was part of their story – that’s what the entries were to be about – who the couple is, what makes them unique, what’s their vision? It’s part of their theme and I’m glad you see that, unlike some other people :(

  6. Janice says:

    Whether or not you win a free photographic session, it shouldn’t be affecting/interfering/spoiling one of the greatest moments in your life. Yes, of course winning is like a bonus to the ceremony/party, but even if you don’t, are you then not going to enjoy it as much?

    We should just be happy for the lucky ones who got the top votes. I’m so happy for you both, Princess and Nigel.
    And all the best to all the couples that are going to tie the knot, even if you didn’t win, I’m sure your wedding will be a blast and something you will cherish in your heart forever.

  7. Helen says:

    Princess and Nigel really deserved to win the contest because they have plenty of good relatives and friends to support them in Canada, in some part of USA and in Asia. CONGRATULATIONS to Princess and Nigel.

    • We checked every vote, and Princess and Nigel EARNED the prize…they wanted it and went for it – and just like the contest intended – they won since they tried hardest. I agree 100% Helen, they really deserved to win!

  8. Lolita (Auntie) says:

    The votes already proclaimed the winners. I rallied all my friends and relatives to vote
    for Princess and Nigel. It was the helped of the voters that made Princess and Nigel
    win. Hoping all the comments will all be positive..No more bickerings. For all the couples that didn’t win, our Best wishes on their wedding.
    Congratulations Princess and Nigel. Hope you will thank all your supporters.

  9. Lou Sir says:

    I think Jenna should win this contest, because her future husband has type 1 diabetes…

    On another note, princess and nigel rocks! They worked hard for this and they deserve it. It’s quite unfair for other ppl to bash them. Good job guys and congrats on everyones’ submissions.

  10. Jake says:

    Nerds unite!

  11. just a friend says:

    Congrats to the happy couple, I look forward to seeing their 8″x10″ smiling mugs.

    PS Jenna were you jilted and left at the alter? You sound bitter.

  12. Jenna says:

    Just to apologize, though I know I don’t have to justify my comments or whatever. I’m sorry if I offended you guys. I know Princess and Nigel are probably a great couple and great people, and they will have a fantastic day in spite of me.

    And yes Nigel, you are right, this contest wasn’t about uniqueness, so in that I suppose I was mistaken and that was ultimately my downfall. I thought it was about their portfolio, not their exposure. My wedding probably would have brought them a lot of hits from being profiled in Wed Luxe.

    Either way, type 1 diabetes is not a joke and I just hope Nigel doesn’t have too much candy on the big day. BRING THE INSULIN PUMP. Is all I have to say.

  13. Evelyn Cua says:

    Hooray to the champions! Personally speaking, I have a strong feeling that the result will come out like this because after reading the different themes and entries of the participants, I found Princess and Nigel’s very cute,
    their idea was rather unique, and for me, theirs was the best among the rest. I think many people who voted for them would agree with me too.

    So, cheer up Princess and Nigel, you deserve this VICTORY!!! You’ve won this battle!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  14. Mike Cua says:

    Congratulations Princess and Nigel! You guys blew away the competition with your unique, creative and funny inspiration board!

    Aside from that, your will to win was just on a different level . All the contestants may have campaigned hard but you campaigned the hardest!

    I’m looking forward to the awesome wedding!

  15. Ernesto Cua says:

    A bestseller should not only be superb. It should also be read and appreciated by as many people as possible. The overwhelming votes speak loud and clear.

    Nigel & Princess deserves to win the top prize.


  16. Annie says:

    I am appalled by Jenna’s comments. You are such a nasty sore loser. It’s sad that Wed Lux would feature people like you.

    Princess & Nigel’s story made me smile and warm in the heart. I think their wedding is very unique and personal.

    Shawn, I’m so sorry some people are so bitter. These contests are amazing. Thank you for putting them together.

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