Magic Glasses: The Art and Photo Manipulation of Shawn Van Daele

It’s always fun to take photography a little further, and we wanted to show you what Shawn Van Daele (one of our photographers, and one of the owners of Renaissance Studios Photography) does in his spare time! The process of photo manipulation takes a LOT of time – from planning and capturing the images, managing perspective and lighting, props, models – and most importantly – post processing in Photoshop…but the results are often wonderful and surprising, and capture concepts and images that you’d otherwise never be able to.

Shawn’s growing collection of photo manipulations is constantly being added to through private “Magic Glasses” photo shoots he holds with interested couples, individuals, bands (recently, he worked to produce promotional photos for the YouTube sensation Walk Off The Earth), musicians, artists, designers, and families, interested in creating some unique and one-of-a-kind art. If you’re interested in a Magic Glasses session with Shawn, send us a message through our contact form or through his Facebook page! Shawn’s photo manipulations are also available for licensing through Getty Images.

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  1. Roberto Lara Garcia says:

    Ces photographies sont véritablement fabuleuses. Susciten amour par I’art.

  2. Dora Orlická says:


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