Renaissance Studios – theVanity

I’d like to prematurely introduce you to our latest creative project.

Shawn and I always new our ideas and visions were more than just RS studios. Renaissance has given us the ability to connect with people and really build our style and creative. However when the voice in your head keeps poking you reminding you to do more, this is what happens. An Editorial eye, artistic finishes, and a dreamland like no other….theVanity will prove that there are no boundaries to anything we do and with one part photography, and one part graphic design, beautiful things will emerge from simple ideas.

We sat down at the table a few months back with our ideas, dream, and one common goal – wondering what to do. We needed another website that showcased the more edgy styles and visions we both were holding. We once thought of blending it into Renaissance, but it was like mixing oil and vinegar, the two don’t really mix well, but compliment each other on so many levels (plus it makes a great dip for bread LOL) . We spent a day trying to locate a name that went with RS, and yet told a bit of what we wanted to portray. Finally, our computer told us that was available and we stopped for a second and thought – wow that’s it. It was about being vain, and an actual vanity of beautiful things within a dressing room… it all tied into the modern classic style of Renaissance Studios.

So Ladies and Gentlemen – expect some crazy stuff from this new site. It will be launched within a few weeks…. check it often, and get inspired.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Terry Van Daele – who’s no longer with us but and always taught us that “the skys the limit if you look up and dare to take the flight”.

Thank you everyone for your support and much appreciated comments, and especially to Dana and Stacey for kicking off this project with class and beauty. Thank you ladies :)

Clint and Shawn


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