Salon L’Image 2009: I Gotta Feeling…these pics are going to be great!

A couple weeks ago we hosted an EPIC photoshoot for one of the best salons around (Salon L’Image, Orangeville). It all started months back while Clint was having his hair done, and before you know it – poof! Here’s a video of the day and just a glimpse of everything that went into making it happen. It will be a couple more weeks before all the photos from the shoot are ready to share, but we can tell you already it’s exactly (EXACTLY) what we were hoping for as our launch to our new site, theVanity (stay tuned for more on that soon!).

We had one theme, and 17 models. 1 Photographer (Clint). 1 Creative Dude (that’s me, also the retouching wizard). 1 makeup artist (Alicia Lumsden – fantastic!) and 2 stylists (Sara and Rina, from Salon L’Image). It doesn’t end there though – weeks of preparation of wardrobe, concepts, building backdrops and more…plus the innumerable thanks that go out to all the help we received from our assistants Jenn Young (Mama Hen – she made sure everything ran smoothly!), Melissa Judson (our right hand lady in the studio…yes, I called you a lady!), Hannah and Chris who helped fill in the blanks and so many others – notably the 17 patient and wonderful models!

So, without further ado – here’s a glimpse of what’s to come.

Click the image below to jump to YouTube and watch it there!

Salon L'Image & The Vanity 2009

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  1. You all amaze me. Seriously. I can’t wait to see the photos.

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