Take Better Photos! Photography Workshop

This November, Renaissance Studios Photography owner Clint Russell is offering 4 workshops at Best Western Inn on the Hill in Georgetown Ontario (a short drive from Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, Guelph and surrounding areas!) to help you take better photos of your babies, kids, family and friends. Moving beyond the “auto” setting on your camera, and thinking differently to capture some great pics…just in time for Christmas!

The workshop is spread over 2 EVENINGS, from 7pm to 9pm (4 hours total).
The cost for the entire workshop is only $149, which includes the tax!

DAY 1 (7-9pm):

• Using LIGHT to your advantage to take better photos
• Understanding “White Balance”
• Explaining in “normal language” the important settings on your SLR camera
• Understanding and using the light meter in your camera
• The “Magic Formula” of camera settings
• Working with people
• Working with kids and pets
• Staging people making them comfortable
• Telling a story
• “Less is more”
• Photo post-processing at home

DAY 2 (7-9pm):

• Review of Assignment + Chat
• Cheat sheets!
• Stylizing for inspiration
• Less is more
• Using colour and props
• Review of the “Magic Formula” and light meter
• Discussing the use of flash

There are 4 workshops available with limited seating in each class to ensure one-on-one time!

November 8 & 13: Click here to register!
November 9 & 15: Click here to register!
November 20 & 27: Click here to register!
November 22 & 29: Click here to register!

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