Viva Las Vintage Vegas!

Ohhhhh how I love Vegas! We (Shawn and Clint) just returned last night from a much, much, much needed vacation in Las Vegas…I miss it already! So, what do photographers do when they’re travelling and want a break from taking photographs for a week? They use their iPhones! I won’t lie to you – I was trigger happy all week, and though I left all my professional gear at home in Canada…I couldn’t resist capturing some of the eye candy kitsch that is literally everywhere you turn. Again we took a trip out to the desert (an absolute must for anyone travelling to Vegas!) – it’s totally amazing (we threw on the most bluegrass country channel we could find on the radio, put the top down – and just drove. It’s one of my favourite parts of the trip!)

So back to photography – all these photos below were captured on my iPhone 4 using a nifty little app called Hipstamatic, for the vintage, retro polaroid look I wanted. I think this app was made for me, or Vegas – possibly both. All scenery, signage and for just plain ole fun…I absolute love these shots – they make me feel as though I’m still there and not here in a rainy Milton, Ontario. Enjoy! – Shawn

PS: ALL these shots are also available as prints on Etsy (scroll to the bottom for links!) as well as in a 142 page 7″ x 7″ book! Sweet.


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