Welcoming Petia Karrin

Alright, we shook our heads a few times when we first saw Petia’s work. It’s absolutely stunning and breathtaking and just a taste of what this phenomenal photographer is capable of. She’s a studio and conceptual genious, and we’re honoured and blushing a little at the thought of her being part of our team. Her weddings are spectacular, bordering on the fine line between fine art and the quirky wedding photos you’re used to with Renaissance Studios Photography. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with in the photography world…expect to see Petia on the cover of magazines. Thanks Petia – we are truly honoured that you’ve joined us! Her body of work (in this post) is some of the best studio work we’ve seen – and we’re sitting here with bated breath waiting to see what she comes up with next (it could be your wedding…just think of the possibilities!)

Petia Karrin was born in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, and a series of events led her far from home, to the New World. From an early age, her over active imagination found its creative outlet in the medium of photography. She attended Ryerson University where she achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. As a photographer, expression and composition captivate her and she is always on the lookout to snatch that perfect moment. Along with chasing moments, Petia uses her conceptual mind to create worlds of fantasy and glamour. In her wedding photography Petia combines creative concepts of Fine Art with a clean and sharp Commercial/Editorial style. Each and every wedding gives her an opportunity to find new and innovative ways of capturing the joy and beauty of that unique love story.

And we’re blessed to say she’s part of our team.

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